Cooperation between educational counselling and career guidance in Berlin and the federal Employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit)


The employment agencies in Berlin and Brandenburg offer additional possibilities for career guidance and orientation through their program “Career Guidance in working life” (Berufsberatung im Erwerbsleben).

With the resolution of the National Continuing Education Strategy (Nationale Weiterbildungsstrategie) by the Federal Government, the states, unions, social partners, and professional organizations, a united framework has been created with the goal of increasing and improving the practice of furthering education in both the community and in the economy.

Together the “Career Guidance in working life” and “Educational Counselling and Career Guidance in Berlin” programs are going to cooperate to offer a greater range of opportunities and possibilities for educational counselling and career guidance.

More information about these opportunities and contact information for each of the employment agencies in Berlin (central, south, and north) can be found in the link below.