We provide education and careers guidance

We give you the support you need in setting your own goals and in planning and fulfilling your vocational and/or educational aspirations. Educational Counselling and Career Guidance in Berlin offers you comprehensive and independent information and guidance free of charge.

We are currently providing education and careers guidance for refugees from Ukraine.

Консультація для біженців українською або російською мовами.

We advise you on:

Further education and training

The advice we provide covers the following areas: general and vocational education; advanced education; specialist training opportunities; further education and vocational training; degree courses at university or technical college.

Change of career path and preparing your CV

We work with you to identify new career prospects based on your skills, interests, professional experience and qualifications.
Tip: We offer regular workshops for professional reorientation.

Funding/financing options

We provide information and advice on sources of funding for your chosen course of education or training. We discuss appropriate financing options and explain the conditions you will need to meet as well as how to navigate the application process.

Learning conditions, forms of learning and learning strategies

We support and advise you in the attainment of your education and learning aspirations, whether for a university degree course, vocational training, further education or for your job. We advise and inform you about the conditions you will have to meet and about the learning format of your proposed course of education or training. We also offer advice on individual learning strategies.

Job prospects and entering the employment market

Based on your professional, training and educational record to date, we will support you in enhancing your career prospects. We will work with you to develop job application strategies and show you the pathways into work and employment.
Tip: We organise regular workshops on various topics relating to job applications.

Qualifications and further training in the workplace

We advise small and medium-sized enterprises on improving the qualifications of their staff, on further training requirements and on current funding opportunities. We also support companies in identifying their training objectives and developing training strategies.

Post-qualification, vocational qualification catch-up and language acquisition

We provide advice on vocational qualifications, post‑qualification and retraining. We also inform you about course duration, financing and entry requirements.
We advise you on opportunities to improve your language skills and point you in the direction of suitable courses.

Professional integration of refugees and immigrants

Our mobile Educational Counselling and Career Guidance service provides multilingual guidance, irrespective of your country of origin, native language or residence status.
We advise on career prospects and support you in realising your professional goals. We also offer guidance on training and study courses, opportunities to improve your qualifications, finding employment, making job applications, internships and German language courses.

free of charge

thanks to the funding provided by the Federal State of Berlin


guided solely by your interests (your information will not be passed on to third parties)


of commercial interests in recommending courses or offers


at your request and in line with your concerns and expressed interests


available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Spanish and others

close to home

our centres are located in different parts of the city

Advice centres in Berlin

Are you interested in receiving education and/or careers advice? Would you like to book an interview?
To make an appointment, please contact one of the Berlin advice centres by phone or e-mail.
For more information about the content and structure of the interview, see under Materials.

  • Spandau and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • Pankow and Reinickendorf
  • Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte
  • Neukölln and Treptow-Köpenick
  • Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg
  • kontinuum e.V. (berlinwide)
  • Fachberatung Berufliche Nachqualifizierung (Advice on professional post-qualification)
  • Fachberatung Erfolg mit Sprache und Berufsabschluss (Succeeding with language and vocational qualification)
  • Fachberatung Qualifizierungsberatung in KMU (Advice for SMEs)

in person

by telephone 

by video

via chat

by e-mail

What is Educational Counselling and Career Guidance in Berlin?


interviews conducted annually

What our clients say:

I am pleased to have been given this level of expert support that I could never have afforded on the open market.

I am now a bit closer to achieving my objective and to financing it.

I now know where to find the relevant courses. It has boosted my motivation, and I have already planned the next steps along the way.

A good atmosphere, no long wait for an appointment, and all the main points were covered. Great result. The staff were committed and highly competent…

To have received actual offers was a very important outcome for me.

8am – 6pm

Monday to Friday