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What our clients say:

Im thankful for your service, it supports people to find orientation and motivation.

Helps me out to find a school. I really appreciated the way they handled, friendly people with high knowledge.

After our counselling session, I was motivated further to make my desire of becoming a nurse in Germany, a reality! Thank you!

It is a good starting point. I am very happy with the counselling. All my questions were answered and I got new ideas from the counselling.

Really helpful to know what I should do for now. And what are my options.

It is a good starting point. I am very happy with the counselling. All my questions were answered and I got new ideas from the counselling.

I so much appreciate the counselling and I got all the relevant information I need and also corrected the mistakes I did during my applications.

This service is invaluable for somebody like me to help me understand how the work market functions in Germany (very different from the UK!). My counsellor was excellent & pointed me in the right directions & helped me find right organisations I needed. I’m very grateful!!

Extraordinary experience. I get detailed answers to my questions.

The counsellor understood my background and education during the first visit and in the second visit they gave me my options and gave advice on financial assistance. I am now clear on which way to proceed. Overall my best decision to contact the counsellor. Thank you.

The counsellor made me feel very comfortable around him and also took the time to break down the relevant information into digestible bits, while ensuring that I have a good overall picture of the education system as well as Ausbildung in nursing in Germany.

The counselling was good and helped me evaluate, however I would have loved it even more if I had come up with a concrete answer by the end. ūüôā

I know my next steps.

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