The interview focuses on your interests, questions and concerns regarding further education, work and qualifications. At our centres, we offer you high-quality counselling on education and careers. Our services are available to all, irrespective of personal circumstances.

Our centres

  • Spandau and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

    Centre Spandau
    Havelstraße 12a
    13597 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 81 45 72 111

    Centre Charlottenburg
    Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 47a
    10589 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 81 45 72 112


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • Pankow and Reinickendorf

    Centre Pankow
    Storkower Straße 158
    10407 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 42 80 76 84

    Centre Reinickendorf
    Scharnweberstr. 138
    13405 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 98 44 02 05


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf

    Centre Lichtenberg
    Bernhard-Bästlein-Straße 3
    10367 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 95 99 96 700

    Centre Marzahn-Hellersdorf
    Wolfener Str. 32-34, Haus O
    12681 Berlin


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte

    Centre Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
    Zossener Str. 36
    10961 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 33 00 73 60

    Centre Berlin Mitte
    Kurfürstenstraße 131
    10785 Berlin


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • Neukölln and Treptow-Köpenick

    Centre Neukölln
    Karl-Marx-Straße 131
    12043 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 68 05 43 77

    Centre Treptow-Köpenick
    Stadtteilzentrum „Villa Offensiv“
    Hasselwerderstr. 38 – 40
    12439 Berlin


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg

    Gutsmuthsstr. 23
    12163 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 22 19 22 500


    Advice centre with mobile services for immigrants
  • kontinuum e.V. (berlinwide)

    Ziegelstraße 30
    10117 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 28 59 83 82


  • Fachberatung Berufliche Nachqualifizierung (Advice on professional post-qualification)

    Salzburger Str. 15
    10825 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 23 62 86 66


    Advice on professional post-qualification
  • Fachberatung Erfolg mit Sprache und Berufsabschluss (Succeeding with language and vocational qualification)

    Möllendorffstraße 52 (2nd floor)
    10367 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 76 76 48 88 50


  • Fachstelle Qualifizierungsberatung in KMU (Counselling for SMEs)

    Karl-Marx-Str. 122
    12043 Berlin
    Tel.: 030 203 89 94 33


We provide counselling on:

Further education and training

The counselling we provide covers the following topics: general further education, continuing vocational education and training, upgrading training, specialized further training opportunities, retraining.

Training, study, school graduation and post-qualification

We are counselling on (dual) training, entering a trade an technical collage or an university. We provide counselling on post-qualification. We consult on the transition from studies to vocational training. We provide information on catching up on (partial) vocational qualifications and on acquiring or catching up on a school-leaving certificate .

Professional (re)orientation

We provide counselling on professional (re)orientation and change of profession. Based on your interests, competencies and qualifications, we show you new career opportunities, perspectives and paths.

Learning and learning conditions

We consult and inform on learning conditions and requirements, but also on forms of learning in education and training. We provide information on “learning to learn”, online learning and offer guidance on the development of learning strategies.

Job prospects and entering the employment market

We offer counselling on issues of career entry planning and development. Based on your educational and professional history, we support you in planning and developing professional activities. We provide information on application strategies and show you ways to enter work and employment.

Qualification and further training in the company (qualification consulting)

We consult companies on corporate qualification options, qualification offers for employees, on further training needs planning and funding opportunities. We provide support in the planning of corporate training goals and the development of a training strategy.

Funding and financing options for education activities

We provide information and advice on funding opportunities for further education, study and training, e.g. on upgrading BAföG, BAföG or qualification funding from the Employment Agency. We will show you suitable financing options and explain the conditions and access points for financing your educational plans.

Professional integration and qualification in Germany

We consult immigrants on professional integration and qualification opportunities, on training and studies, internships and German language courses. We offer multilingual counselling regardless of country of origin or residence status.

Additional services

Counselling on changing career paths to become a pre-school educator

Information on ways to enter the profession of pre-school educators, mobile in the InfoPoint of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family or directly at a counselling centre.

Partnership with other guidance and counselling services 

Guidance on adult literacy and basic education in collaboration with the social services and the district counselling services.

PC and Internet use for personal research and orientation 

Availability of PCs and the Internet for (supervised) personal research in further education databases and for preparing CVs and application documents.

Workshops on topics such as career orientation, skills assessment, etc

Counselling and workshops on topics such as career entry or return to work, competence assessment and balancing, learning in adulthood, digitalisation and world of work, introduction to information search and processing on the Internet.

Expert consultants provide information and guidance on all matters pertaining to education and the world of work. Our team undergo continuous further training and have up-to-date knowledge on education, careers and the employment market. The counselling facilities assure a professional level of service that is QBM (Qualitätsrahmen Berliner Modell) certified.

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